Family Emergency File

What would happen if you were seriously injured and couldn’t communicate? Who would know the name and phone number of your relatives and the location of your assets?

You have taken the right precautions by naming a Power of Attorney to look after your affairs but will they know where things are? Where do you bank, where are your investments, who is your lawyer, etc.? Will your Power of Attorney need to hire Dick Tracy to track down all of your personal and financial affairs? Dale Burgoyne a client and friend has an acquaintance who keeps a “Death File”. It has all of their insurance polices and copies of bank statements. We talked about putting something like this together but realized we may need a wheelbarrow to put all the necessary papers in!

Instead I created the Family Emergency File. It includes details of the important contacts should something happen to you; next of kin, lawyer, accountant, investment advisor, insurance agent, financial strategist just to name a few. Are you an organ donor? Do you have a living will? I am not a lawyer but this document will give someone some place to start other than the kitchen drawers.

It’s a great exercise for families where one member looks after everything and the other may only have a minimal knowledge of where things are. This is an excellent reference tool, and time saver. I am sure if you are ever in a situation like I’ve described it will prove invaluable.

If you have any suggestions on other things that should be included let me know. If you’d like I can maintain an electronic version for you for ease of access and remind you to review annually.

Any questions please drop me a note.

Family Emergency Information