Critical Illness Insurance

You’ve provided for your retirement but what would you do if you encountered cancer, heart disease, or had a heart attack or stroke. We usually plan for death but give very little attention to what effect surviving a major illness could have on us and our family. Having been there twice I can tell you from personal experience the impact on your life and on your finances is significant. How would you deal with it? Could your spouse continue to work full time and still provide the level of support you may need?

Critical illness insurance is one way to protect your future. It pays you a lump sum of cash to do with as you see fit upon being diagnosed with one of over 2 dozen diseases. Money you could use to retire debt, to ease your financial situation, to seek alternative treatments, to consult with a world specialist in your condition to obtain a second opinion, to take a trip, to renovate your house … whatever you want and need. Manulife now includes family access to Health Service Navigator as part of the policy. Health Service Navigator provides you with access to a second opinion through global leading specialists in your condition who review your treatment plan and make suggestions when necessary.  As well, being a Canadain service they can let you know wait times for surgery, help locating a family doctor and general information about your condition you may want to know.

And here’s another plus... you can get all your money back if you don’t make a claim.