About Earle

My wife, Loretta, and I have lived in the KW area for 24 years. We love it here … and our two amazing teenagers, Graham & Erika, ensure there’s never a dull moment at our home.

My life’s work has also never been dull. During my 26 years with Scotiabank I concentrated on corporate banking and in advising professional business people. While there I obtained my PFP designation (Professional Financial Planner). The last 8 years managing the Waterloo Main Branch helped me build an incredible network of local professionals. With so many excellent connections it was a natural evolution for me to step out of the bank to begin my own adventure as a Financial Strategist. Now with my own practice, I specialize in financial management and providing for the insurance needs of doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants and entrepreneurs.

I was 19 when I was diagnosed with Type 1 (insulin dependent) Diabetes. In 1993 my doctors told me I was suffering from kidney disease, a side effect of diabetes. In 1995 my kidney’s failed and I started dialysis, three times a week for 5 hours each. My younger sister Kim stepped up and graciously offered a kidney. Two years later we had successful surgery. And, in 2003 I was the fourth Canadian to have a full pancreas transplant following a kidney transplant. The financial impact of 2 transplants and 2 years on dialysis was significant but the results were remarkable. I no longer take daily injections, no longer manage my meal times nor am I forced to deal with the ravages of this insidious disease.
Diabetes is no longer with me! But it did teach me to hope for the best … just don’t count on the best.
Life is full of the unexpected.

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